Isaias Cleanup Effort Likely To Take Weeks In Hard-Hit Queens Neighborhood

Steve Burns
August 05, 2020 - 7:34 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — The cleanup effort after Tropical Storm Isaias will likely take several more days in Queens where gusty winds ripped trees from the ground, causing some to fall into homes and powerlines.

Most of the quiet winding streets of Holliswood have a canopy of trees covering them, according to WCBS 880’s Steve Burns. On Tuesday, when the storm hit, many of those old trees came crashing down, leaving a mess throughout the town.

“A mess warzone. You can't get around it here, all the streets are blocked,” said one resident as he went from home to home removing tree debris.

“We'll be doing this for the next week,” he said of the work to be done.

The area also remains without power and some say it’s far too hot to stay inside, but the mess outdoors is dangerous in some places.

One resident says he’s trying to keep some things running in his house.

“I was able to borrow a generator from a friend of mine, so at least I have the refrigerator going,” he said.

A 60-foot honey locust tree split and fell on the wires right outside his house.

“It would be great if the city could come and at least cut this tree because the way it's sitting here right now it can still fall,” he explains. “It's leaning. It's snapped and it's leaning.”

He says his phone calls have been an infinite loop of red tape between the fire department, the parks department and Con Edison.

He says the entire situation has been like “a rabbit hole with no end to it.”

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