Estranged Husband Arraigned On Murder Charges In Jennifer Dulos Case

Mack Rosenberg
January 08, 2020 - 3:10 pm
Fotis Dulos mugshot

Connecticut State Police


STAMFORD, Conn. (WCBS 880) — Fotis Dulos, the estranged husband of a missing Connecticut mother of five, was arraigned on murder charges during a court appearance Wednesday.

The 52-year-old was held overnight on $6 million bond at the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution after being arrested and charged with felony murder and kidnapping on Tuesday.

His former girlfriend, 45-year-old Michelle Troconis, and his former civil attorney, 53-year-old Kent Mawhinney, were charged with conspiracy to commit murder. 

Troconis' bond was reduced to $1.5 million on Wednesday, while Mawhinney's bond remained at $2 million. The judge said Mawhinney tried to evade police as news of the first two arrests made headlines.

The three are accused of taking part in the murder of Jennifer Dulos, who was last seen on May 24 when she dropped off her children at their New Canaan school.

A body has yet to be found, but investigators believe there's enough evidence to point to a murder, including blood stained clothing items.

The chief piece of evidence, WCBS 880’s Mack Rosenberg reports, are garbage bags allegedly dumped by Fotis and his girlfriend the night Jennifer went missing. Inside were several items, including duct tape, zip ties and a sponge with Jennifer’s DNA on it.

Defense attorney Norm Pattis remained undeterred, however, saying the couple had previously shared a home and were regularly in contact with one another, meaning her DNA was bound to show up in her estranged husband’s home.

“Mr. Dulos was present in that home. We don't know how much there was. There does not appear to be a crime scene weapon, there doesn't appear to be any admissions or statements against penal interests,” Pattis said.

The arrest warrant also details testimony from Connecticut’s chief medical examiner, who was presented with the facts of the case and said, due to blood loss, he was prepared to say Jennifer sustained an injury he would describe as non-survivable, categorizing it as a homicide of violence.

“Dr. (James) Gill is a very opinionated person. If there is evidence to suggest she lost so much blood that she must be dead, I’ve yet to see it,” Pattis said.

The arrest warrant alludes to a possible financial motive. 

Fotis has maintained his innocence since Jennifer was reported missing.

The family of Jennifer Dulos says there's some relief that the wait for charges is over, but no sense of closure because nothing can bring Jennifer back.

The estranged husband will be back in court on Feb. 28.