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'The Kidney Monster:' 8-Year-Old Girl Fights Cancer With Help From The Valerie Fund

June 03, 2018 - 5:16 pm

MAPLEWOOD, N.J. (WCBS 880) -- WCBS 880 this week is looking at the work done by the New Jersey charity the Valerie Fund.

Since 1976, the Valerie Fund has helped provide comfort and healing for thousands of children sickened by cancer and blood disorders. WCBS 880’s John Metaxas met one 8-year-old girl who is grateful for what the Valerie Fund has offered her.

“My name is Jaslene – J-A-S-L-E-N-E,” she said.

Jaslene Amica understands cancer is serious. She even has her own name for her condition that she came up with herself – “the kidney monster.”

Jaslene said she chose the name “because it is a monster.”

She also understands the Valerie Fund is there for her.

“I have a psychotherapist because sometimes, I think about stuff that I don’t need to, so my psychotherapist helps me talk about it and get over it,” she said.

Jaslene has become used to spending time in the hospital.

“I don’t like when I go to the hospital for treatment, but when I go there for bloodwork, I’m fine with it,” she said.

Jaslene credits the Valerie Fund with making her life better.

“It makes me feel better. They give me treatment, and they talk to me and make me feel better – and toys, and tablets,” she said.

The Valerie Fund is doing whatever it takes to help these kids get through their ordeal.

This coming Saturday, the Valerie Fund will host a charity fundraising walk and 5k run in Verona Park.

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