LI Man Gets Into Heated Argument With Dairy Queen Workers Over Face Masks

Marta Zielinska
July 08, 2020 - 10:40 am

    MEDFORD, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — A Long Island father got into a heated exchange with employees at a Dairy Queen after he said they were not wearing face coverings while working. 

    Brandon Trotta of Medford took his two children to the Dairy Queen drive-thru on Route 112 in Medford on the 4th of July and was shocked to see the employee who was preparing his order was not wearing a mask. Restaurant workers are required to wear masks at all times as per the state's current coronavirus guidelines.
    Trotta told WNBC-TV that when he asked to speak to a supervisor, the woman who came to speak with him was also unmasked.

    When he requested a refund, a heated argument followed, which Trotta recorded on his cell phone.

    "Can I have my $13 back please," Trotta is heard saying.

    ""Give him his f------ money and get out of here. Don't come back again," the worker tells Trotta as she slams the drive-thru window and gives Trotta two middle fingers.

    "Put your mask on before you get your employees sick, loser," Trotta responds.

    Trotta shared the video with Dairy Queen on Facebook writing, "Dairy Queen this is Not Acceptable!! I had to ask for my $ back because the person preparing my kids blizzard treats and my shake wasn’t wearing a mask! The manager is also not wearing a mask working in close proximity of her other employees. When I confronted her this is what I got (with Kids in the car) Wow!! ??" (sic)

    Trotta tells Patch he called Suffolk County's 311 helpline and was told to file a complaint online.

    WNBC reports Trotta returned to the Dairy Queens on Tuesday and held a sign warning customers about his experience. Police were called on him and he tells WNBC that he later spoke with the franchise owner, who apologized and said all employees would wear masks moving forward.

    Dairy Queen's corporate office told Patch that the employee who was seen on video arguing with Trotta has been suspended pending an internal investigation.

    The company says masks are required of all employees.

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