LIRR Customers Reminded To Wear Face Coverings On Trains

Sophia Hall
July 06, 2020 - 2:25 pm

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    HICKSVILLE, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — The president of the Long Island Commuter Council on Monday reminded all Long Island Rail Road customers they must wear a mask when riding on the train. 

    The inconsistent use of face mask by LIRR passengers raised a number of safety concerns among riders and called have now mounted for the agency to crack down on the requirement set by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

    While the MTA is reporting 95% mask compliance, the LIRR has seen less and less riders use a mask while on board a train – there have even been reports of conductors failing to use their masks.

    “For the most, the compliance has been pretty good on the trains. The railroad is saying it’s about 95%, from what I’ve seen it might be a little less than that – 85 or 90%,” said  Long Island Commuter Council president Gerard Bringmann.

    Now, announcements are being made clearly at train stations on Long Island, reminding people to cover up. 

    All riders must wear a face mask or fabric covering over their mouth and nose while in the train stations, on platforms or inside train cars. 

    However, Bringmann says he has heard stories about people being rude when asked to cover up. 

    “People get a little bit nasty if you ask them to put the mask on, it has happened occasionally,” he said. “And it’s gone the other way. There have been occasions where somebody will say it and they’ll say, ‘oh, I’m sorry’ and they’ll put the mask back on.”

    LIRR president Phillip Eng said in a statement that all riders and employees need to continue to follow state guidance, saying “we need everyone's continued support in this effort."”

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