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Mrs. Trump Will Leave Hospital In 2 Or 3 Days, President Tweets

May 15, 2018 - 1:19 pm

WASHINGTON (WCBS 880/CBS News/AP) -- President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that his wife will be leaving the hospital in two or three days after undergoing a kidney procedure.

Melania Trump underwent the “successful” procedure to treat the benign kidney condition at Walter Reed National Military Medical on Monday.

President Trump took a helicopter to the hospital and spent about an hour with Mrs. Trump on Monday.

Mrs. Trump, 48, had the embolization procedure Monday morning. The president spoke with Mrs. Trump before the procedure and with her doctor afterward, the first lady's office said.

CBS News White House Correspondent Steven Portnoy said few details have been released about the procedure Mrs. Trump underwent.

“She underwent what’s called an embolization. That is a procedure to choke off a growth of some type in her kidney. Now the White House calls it a benign kidney condition. Experts say that most likely means a noncancerous growth. The prognosis is good,” Portnoy said. “The vice president said last night this was a long-planned procedure. But… we really don’t know much more about this. We hope to learn more today, but the president says that his wife is doing really well.”

Two urologists who have no personal knowledge of Mrs. Trump's condition said the most likely explanation for the procedure is a kind of noncancerous kidney collection of fat and muscle called an angiomyolipoma.

"It does tend to happen more in women than in men and it tends to be in middle age," CBS News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook said Monday.

The tumors can cause problematic bleeding if they become large enough, said Dr. Keith Kowalczyk of MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

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