New Rochelle Residents Wondering When Quarantine Will End

Steve Burns
March 27, 2020 - 7:20 pm

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — Those who were among the first group of coronavirus cases in New York State remain in quarantine weeks later, and they’re wondering when it will end.

Congregants at the Young Israel of New Rochelle were among the first to test positive for coronavirus after a 50-year-old attorney became infected with the virus and then attended services at the temple.

Many tested positive and were told to enter quarantine for 14 days. Those residents then became part of the state’s first quarantine zone.

It’s been over the 14-day minimum, but the congregants have yet to be cleared from quarantine – and they’re wondering if they will be anytime soon.

“We were the first to get hit, you know, it made a major impact on our lives. But, nobody, surely, expects us to stay in until the Messiah returns,” said Eli Epstein.

He says he had a slight fever, testes positive for the virus and has felt fine for weeks.

The state is following guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that says a person can only be allowed out of quarantine when they receive two negative tests.

The problem is, testing kits have been scarce and it seems unlikely that everyone who tested positive will be allowed to receive two additional tests.

“There’s no uniform answer to any of the questions and people understand where we’re coming from, they simply don’t know how to answer it,” Epstein said.

About 100 people are in a similar situation in New Rochelle.

Now, Epstein says prestigious universities are contacting them to donate their blood for antibodies in the search for a cure.

“The answer is: No, you have to come to us,” he joked, since the residents are unable to leave their homes.