Legal Aid Attorneys Protest Against Kavanaugh

Mike Smeltz/WCBS 880

New York Legal Aid Attorneys Rally Against Kavanaugh

October 04, 2018 - 3:25 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- As Republicans in the Senate attempt to speed up Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Legal Aid attorneys in New York City are making their case – one last time – that Kavanaugh should not sit on the Supreme Court.

“Anita Hill! Christine Ford! We won’t take it anymore!” the attorneys chanted.

As WCBS 880’s Mike Smeltz reported, the Legal Aid attorneys represented at the Foley Square rally said it is the people they represent that would be most impacted by a Brett Kavanaugh nomination.

“People who are already vulnerable will face increased threat, and we could not, as people working within the legal system, stand idly by while his nomination and his appointment was rushed through,” said staff attorney Brian Sullivan.

There is a sense of painful disappointment from the Legal Aid attorneys who spoke to Smeltz.

Despite the rally and the push against Kavanaugh, most of them concede that it is likely Kavanaugh will be confirmed – something they say would impact workers’ rights and a woman’s right to choose.