Nurse Comes Out Of Retirement To Work Alongside Daughter To Treat Coronavirus Patients

Sophia Hall
May 18, 2020 - 10:43 am

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    NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — A mother came out of retirement to work at the same Long Island hospital as her daughter to help COVID-19 patients.

    Mary Beth Patterson had worked as a nurse at Stony Brook University Hospital for 12 years.

    Upon retiring in 2018, she moved to New Hampshire.

    While home amid the pandemic, she would talk to her daughter, who is also a nurse, about what was going on at the hospital and right away she knew she wanted to help. 

    She tells WCBS 880's Sophia Hall that she decided to come back to Long Island to her old job at Stony Brook University Hospital, where her daughter, Kelly, now also works.

    "I just actually had been feeling a void prior to the pandemic and decided once I saw what was going on... it's something I needed to do," Patterson said.

    Her daughter said at first she wasn't supportive of the idea.

    "I saw what COVID was doing to people — young, old — it didn't matter. Past medical history, it didn't matter. You want your mom safe so I wasn't supportive at first. She came down and obviously I support that now and I'm very thankful that she ended up coming down," Kelly said.

    Kelly, who decided to become a nurse because of her mother, say it's comforting to have someone to talk to after the long days at the hospital in such a time of uncertainty.

    "Having her to be able to talk to after a tough shift or even texting her during one just saying, 'Oh this is a rouh one,'" said Kelly.

    Her mother agrees.

    "It is great having the support we have with each other," Patterson said.

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