Public Theater’s Annual Benefit To Be Held Virtually With Zoom Q&A Sessions

Lynda Lopez
May 28, 2020 - 4:47 pm

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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – New York City’s Public Theater’s annual benefit will be held virtually this year.

The theater, known for “Shakespeare in the Park” and Broadway hits such as “Hamilton,” normally holds its annual benefit at Delacorte Theater. 

This year, the star-studded event will move online Monday, June 1.

The lineup includes Meryl Streep, Alicia Keys, Anne Hathaway, Glenn Close, Jane Fonda and more. 

Viewers will be treated to performances from artists along with an opportunity to speak to the cast over Zoom. 

Director Kenny Leon tells WCBS 880’s Lynda Lopez, “A half hour before we go live, there will be ways to be in a Zoom room with some stars and ask them questions before we all go live at 8:00.”

This event will provide audience members the opportunity to hear inside the actor studio stories and get a deeper understanding of how everything comes together.

“People don’t realize that great art requires wigmakers and sound technicians and stage managers and hundreds of people who have given their lives to keep storytelling alive and well in our country,” Leon said. “We’re certainly not the first line essential, but artists are that second line of essential workers.”

Through the benefit concert, he hopes they will raise some great resources to keep theater alive and well during this troubling time.

Leon is looking forward to keeping the viewers engaged with “a lot of laughter and a lot of thinking.”

The event is free and open to all and will be raising money to benefit The Public Theater and ongoing programs, such as Public Works and the Mobile Unit. Additionally, a virtual auction is now live online.

Anyone looking to support the theater through the benefit, can go to to learn more.

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