NYC Fire Museum Asks For Donations For New Exhibit On Pandemic

Peter Haskell
July 30, 2020 - 7:37 pm

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    NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Signs, messages and videos related to the COVID-19 response are being collected as a way to remember those who fought on the frontlines of the pandemic.

    The New York City Fire Museum is seeking to remember those who helped get the city back on track from the height of the pandemic.

    Among those who announced the new exhibit on Thursday was Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell, who paid tribute to essential workers every night by performing for them from the window of his apartment.

    “It makes me proud to be a new yorker, the way people come together,” he said.

    Museum director Gary Urbanowicz says they are looking for as many donations as possible.

    “We're asking the public to help us with their expressions of gratitude,” he said. “Now a lot of it's going to be visual, but I’m sure we'll have some audio stuff as well.”

    The exhibit hopes to focus mainly on the story of firefighters and EMTs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    In April, the New York Historical Society also asked residents to donate artifacts from the pandemic to be featured at the museum in the future.

    The New York Historical Society wants to tell stories through the objects and photographs for future generations and said everything is on the table – event city park closure signs. 

    Anyone looking to donate object to New York Society’s History Response program related to the pandemic can so by visiting their website,

    To donate to the Fire Museum, visit

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