NYC, Tri-State Area Could See Effects Of Hurricane Isaias Next Week

WCBS 880 Newsroom
July 31, 2020 - 3:50 pm

NEW YORK (WCB S880) — The entire Tri-State area could see the effects of Hurricane Isaias next week with the storm expected to push north along the Eastern Seaboard.

The storm was centered about 340 miles southeast of Nassau in the Bahamas on Friday morning, moving northwest at 17 mph, with maximum sustained winds of 80 mph.

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Hurricane conditions and dangerous storm surge are expected in the Bahamas through Saturday. South and east-Central Florida could see heavy rains from the storm as early as Friday night.

Isaias is then expected to spread northward along the U.S. East Coast through early next week. The forecast shows New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in its projected path.

"It looks like it stays in the water and makes the classic bend for a hurricane that takes this particular track," WCBS 880 Chief Meteorologist Craig Allen said. "As it gets on up to us, if it's just inland it'll weaken a little bit it won't be able to have the same strength but still will bring us at lest tropical storm conditions. If it's just off shore it'll be a little bit stronger but we're on the left side, the weaker side of the system."

Allen said a lot of question in the timeframe remain, but it appears New York City and the surrounding areas could see tropical storm conditions including gusty winds and downpours sometime Monday night into Tuesday night.

"The details of the track and intensity forecast remain uncertain, and it is too soon to determine the magnitude and location of these potential impacts, but interests along the entire U.S. east coast should monitor the progress of Isaias and updates to the forecast," the National Hurricane Center said.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said during his briefing Friday that the projection looks "pretty favorable" for New York City and believes the chance of the storm having a substantial impact on the area is minimal.

"We're watching this hour by hour," the mayor said. "Every one of us who went through Sandy, we never minimize the warning that a hurricane may be coming, I think we'll know a lot more in the course of the next 24 hours and we'll have plenty of time in that case to give people appropriate instruction depending on what we learn."

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran is encouraging residents to prepare for the storm and any others that could be coming to the area this hurricane season.

"We don't want people to tune out, we don't want people to freak out, we just want people to make sensible precautions so that we'll be ready for anything," Curran said Friday. 

She advises families put a plan in place and create emergency preparedness kits with food, water, batteries and other basic supplies, including medication and copies of personal documents, for each family member to last at least three days.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, new precautions will be put in place at safety shelters.

"If storm evacuation becomes necessary we have additional shelters available to accommodate social distancing and with PPE ready," Curran said. "We have not experienced these two things together so this will be a learning experience for us."

Heading into the weekend, temperatures will be near 80 in New York City on Friday with some breaks in the clouds expected following morning showers. 

Saturday will be moderately humid with temperatures in the mid-80s.

Sunday and Monday will have a tropical feel with high humidity and temperatures in the mid-80s with showers and thunderstorms possible.

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