NYPD Officers Told To Keep Work Despite Contact With COVID-19 Patients

Rich Lamb
March 18, 2020 - 7:44 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — The NYPD is urging officers to continue working even if they come into close contact with people who have tested positive for coronavirus.

Chief of Department Terence Monahan tells WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given the okay to the department to continue working, even if they are potentially exposed to the illness.

“What we are doing is based off of CDC and Department of Health recommendations, that there is no reason for health workers or law enforcement to quarantine themselves just because they were in contact with someone that has been confirmed with COVID,” Monahan said.

He says the department is making exceptions for partners who share a vehicle. If one comes into contact with a coronavirus patient, both cops will be quarantined.

The chief of department, however, notes that the first responders are some of the safest in the city because of the tools being provided to them.

“We're giving them the equipment that we have,” he said. “We're giving them masks. We're giving them some N95 masks and going out to our officers who are in the front lines on patrol.”

Officers are also being given surgical masks, gloves, disinfectants and alcohol wipes. Those are being distributed to precincts as quickly as possible.

At least four members of the NYPD have tested positive for the virus.

Listen to the full interview with Chief of Department Terrence Monahan and WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb above.