Many Changing Their Lives For The Better Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Sophia Hall
April 21, 2020 - 3:40 pm

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    NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — A man smoking for decades quit during the pandemic. A woman who never worked out started walking and using weights. Another stopped eating junk food.

    These are just some of the stories of people on Long Island who have changed their lives for the better amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Dr. William Sanderson, professor of psychology at Hofstra University, says this is called "post traumatic growth."

    "Meaning that sometimes good things come from trauma, even though the trauma or negative situation is bad, and as a result people are looking at their life in general thinking about things that they may be doing that are actually putting them at risk," said Dr. Sanderson. "The current pandemic is a wake up call for all of our vulnerabilities, at any age even though older people are more threatened, the fact of the matter is we're all conscious right now."

    For those working from home, Sanderson said the extra time has helped allow people to take the time to take better care of themselves.

    "They have more time now to take care of some these things, when you're home all day it's easier to eat well than when you're on the run at a job, easier to exercise," Sanderson said.

    Sanderson believes this could have a positive effect on our behavior in general and that the healthy choices could last even after the crisis.

    "The potential silver lining will be that people will be more appreciative of the things in their life and more focused on what's important to them and maybe they will make time for exercise rather than spending more time in the office or watching television," Sanderson said.

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