Poll Shows Slight Edge For Democrats In Battleground House Districts

October 08, 2018 - 5:10 pm

WASHINGTON (WCBS 880) -- In what may be another indicator of a blue wave this November, a Washington Post-Schar School Survey now shows likely voters narrowly preferring Democratic candidates in 69 battleground House districts.

The survey polled 2,672 likely voters by the newspaper and the Schar School at George Mason University, and showed that 50 percent of respondents preferred the Democratic nominee and 46 percent preferred the Republican.

“One thing that’s increasingly clear from this survey is the degree to which people are voting in a similar way they view Trump. So people that approve of Trump overwhelmingly support Republicans. People that disapprove of Trump overwhelmingly support Democrats,” said Washington Post polling director Scott Clement. “And this isn’t wildly surprising in midterm election years, except that Trump himself is such a unique political figure, and his popularity in these battleground districts – which Republicans won just two years ago – is lagging.”

The poll cannot predict whether Democrats will retake control of the House, but there are concerns for Republicans.

“What it can say is that among this big swath of 69 competitive districts, 63 of them are Republican, and that they’re overall narrowly favoring Democrats, so down the line, you expect that Republicans are going to have to win a majority of the vote across these districts in order to maintain the House; avoid losing the 23 seats they need,” Clement said. “So it spells some worrying signs for Republicans at this point. Also, we’ll have to track these voters over the next couple of weeks to figure out where they go.”

Clement also said the Supreme Court nominations are extremely important to six in 10 voters polled.