Mayhem In Maywood: Possibly Rabid Raccoon Terrorizes Neighborhood

Sean Adams
September 20, 2019 - 10:19 am

MAYWOOD, N.J. (WCBS 880) -- A raccoon is being tested for rabies after it attacked two elderly people in Bergen County in New Jersey.

The mayhem began around 1 p.m. Thursday on Palmer Avenue in Maywood.

The rampaging raccoon attacked 82-year-old Roy Demaio (pictured below) as he lounged in a chair outside his home.

"I thought it was a dog, but then I realized when he wouldn't let go that it wasn't a dog," he told WCBS 880's Sean Adams.

He sustained injuries to his back, leg and hand. Blood still stains his white lawn chair.

"I was hitting him with my left hand and I was hitting him in the head and then he dropped down and then he went across the street," said Demaio, who went to the hospital to get rabies shots and ran into his 72-year-old neighbor who was also attacked. "I was in the emergency room just coming out and my neighbor down the street was going in because he was bending over working and he jumped right on his back."

Roy Demaio
Sean Adams/WCBS 880

That man was doing yard work when something suddenly pounced on him. He reached around and felt fur. He wrestled away the raccoon and then threw a bucket at it.

The crazed critter then chased and terrorized kids in the neighborhood.

Two police tasers had no effect on the wild animal. Officers fired three shots, but missed.

Animal control captured the raccoon alive. It will be tested for rabies. Results are expected to be released within a few days.

Police say none of the victims had bite marks.