Runners, Walkers Urged To Unite For Global Running Day

Marla Diamond
May 27, 2020 - 1:28 pm

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    NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Global Running Day is a week from Wednesday and this year everyone is being encouraged to get out, get moving and share their accomplishments on social media.

    Whether your sport of choice is running or binge watching Netflix, you're invited to take part in the annual event on June 3.

    "We believe that anybody can be a runner," said Christine Burke of the New York Road Runners. "People can start slowly and start by walking. We believe strongly in walk-run programs."

    The global pandemic has spawned a surge in the sport of running as many are trying to get outdoors and stay active while under quarantine.

    "There's no question that running has been proven to be good for both physical health and mental and health. Sweating a little bit can be very therapeutic," Burke said.

    Global Running Day is a way to bring the seasoned runners and newbies together across the world.

    "One of the things we are doing for Global Running Day is called Run One, Tag One. Share that run on social media and then tag a friend and encourage them to run as well and it's a way for us to create sort of a virtual cobweb of runners around the world."

    Participants are urged to walk or run in a one-mile race.

    But remember to wear a face covering.

    "I have a gator that I wear around my neck and when I see another runner coming my way, I'll pull it up over my nose and it's really a sign of respect as you are passing another runner," Burke said.

    Registration for Global Running Day is free on the New York Road Runners website at

    Virtual workouts are also available on the website.

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