Snake Found At Security Checkpoint In Newark Airport

Marta Zielinska
August 20, 2019 - 4:59 pm
Snake at Newark Airport



NEWARK, N.J. (WCBS 880) -- Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

A small black snake was found at a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at Newark's Terminal C on Monday night.

A young girl spotted the 15-inch ring-necked snake and alerted officers who covered it with a plastic bin to keep it from slithering away.

The checkpoint lane was temporarily closed as Port Authority police secured the snake and took it away.

The TSA says the snake was not harmful and believe it was left behind by a passenger.

“It’s common for travelers to accidentally leave items at the checkpoint,” said TSA’s New Jersey Deputy Federal Security Director Chris Murgia. “Typically people leave items such as their keys, sunglasses, ID, hats and gloves, but this is the first time someone has left a snake behind. We have a fairly robust lost and found program that reunites passengers with their lost items, but this passenger doesn’t need to call us about his snake.”

While the snake was not on a plane, the TSA said the situation brought to mind the 2006 action movie starring Jackson.