NJ College Issues Hack Challenge To Solve Problems Caused By Pandemic

Sean Adams
May 13, 2020 - 10:47 am

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HOBOKEN, N.J. (WCBS 880) — A college in New Jersey is looking to solve some of the unique problems created by the coronavirus crisis.

Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken has issued a global hack challenge to build innovative tech solutions to help reopen the economy safely.

Premal Kamdar, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Stevens Venture Center and creator of COVID HealthHack, said some of the categories include symptom tracking, crowd monitoring, and improving online learning.

A previous hack tackled face masks. 

"They're very uncomfortable, sometimes the elastic is too tight on the skin so it creates trauma and marks on people's faces. We had this team essentially create 3-D printed mask frames that are customized," said Kamdar.

David Zimmerman, director of tech commercialization, said this is an opportunity for students to make a difference.

"Getting a chance to be part of teams solving real world problems and applying what they're learning in their classes," he said. 

Infragistics, a provider of UX and UI tools, is sponsoring and supporting the hack challenge, which kicks off May 15.

To register visit covidhealthhack.com. The event is open to participants from around the world.

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