'Sweet Spot' With Mike Sugerman: 100 Flavors Of Licorice At Myzel's Chocolate

August 02, 2018 - 8:06 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- New York can be car horns and people losing their patience as they try to get around, but it can also be pure enchantment.

As WCBS 880’s Mike Sugerman found out in this week’s “Sweet Spot,” that’s just what you’ll find at Myzel’s Chocolate, at 140 W. 55th St. near Seventh Avenue.

Myzel’s Chocolate could be called a hole in the wall, but to call it a hole in the wall is to pay a disservice to both actual holes in the walls and Kamila Myzel, who runs the 300-square-foot time warp.

“The store feels like walking into the 19th century; like an actual, you know, candy store from storybooks,” says longtime customer Noah Brody.

Myzel’s is not kitschy. It’s the design of Myzel, a Polish émigré, who makes her own cookies and has, of course, chocolate, jelly beans, and other stuff.

But what is she really known for?

“We have over 100 different types of licorices,” she said.

That’s right, over 100 types of licorices. The claim is the biggest selection in the U.S., and who’s going to argue?

Licorice is much more popular in Europe than in the U.S. – especially Denmark and Iceland. Myzel is proud of what she’s been able to put together at her store.

“Each of the licorices taste completely different,” Myzel said. “None of them taste the same.”

You’ll find marshmallow, raspberry, and even blueberry pomegranate.

Most of the licorice you get in the U.S. is flavored with anise, a seed. Real licorice comes from licorice root, which Sugerman did not care for.

“That is awful,” he told Myzel, being honest.

“No, it’s good. It’s good. It’s delicious,” she answered.

“No, it’s awful,” Sugerman said again.

But it is very popular with some. And there are claims that it has a variety of health benefits, relieving stomach ulcers, sore throats and coughs, acid reflux, and constipation, among other things.

But when it came to the wares at Myzel’s, everything else was delicious. Myzel handed Sugerman a cayenne pepper piece of licorice, which wasn’t bad at all. Not bad. And you can drop by and try all 100 flavors yourself.