Chia Lynn Kwa And Mike Sugerman At WhisperLodge

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'Sweet Spot' With Mike Sugerman: The Sensory Pleasures Of ASMR At Whisperlodge

April 19, 2018 - 7:54 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- “Come into the boudoir, Mike,” Pamela Martinez says in a whisper as she touches Mike Sugerman’s shoulder and guides him through a door.

That whisper might just send shivers of pleasure down your spine – such that some people even call it a brain orgasm. Sugerman got to experience it with a session at Whisperlodge.

Videos showcasing autonomous sensory meridian response – or ASMR – can get 87 million views on YouTube. At Whisperlodge, Martinez and Chia Lynn Kwa give it to you pretty good – quietly, of course.

“Today we’re just going to do a quick sensory checkup; make sure that everything’s functioning,” Kwa said in that tingle-inducing whisper.

She rubbed Sugerman’s fingers with a makeup brush, and his ears responded to the crinkling of the gloves. So just what is going on with ASMR?

“It is a sensation some people feel from various kind of stimuli,” said Melinda Lauw. “That’s the most general definition I can give you.”

Lauw came up with Whisperlodge in San Francisco, and there are now performances in New York.

It is live, hands-on theater, but ASMR videos get millions of views on YouTube and other video platforms.

“Close your eyes and kind of build a mental map of where your ears are in space,” Kwa whispers as she gingerly rubs Sugerman’s ears with a Q-Tip.

Of course, ASMR is only oral and aural on YouTube, not physical. Just gentle whispering seems to relax people, giving them those so-called brain orgasms.

“Our ears are very emotionally informative, so we take a lot of information from just listening,” Martinez said.

There’s not a lot of science to back ASMR. But for some, it seems to release some kind of response that calms, soothes, and touches them.

“I hope people leave here feeling relaxed,” says Pamela. 

And indeed Sugerman did. He didn’t get that “brain orgasm” people talk about – the tingling, bubbly, happy-place sensation. But 87 million views on the internet speak loudly about what others think.​