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U.S. Senate Moving Forward With Gateway Tunnel Funding

June 11, 2018 - 2:52 pm

WASHINGTON (WCBS 880) -- The U.S. Senate is moving forward with funding for the Gateway Tunnel project, despite threats from President Donald Trump about it.

As WCBS 880's Steve Burns reported, the influential Senate Appropriations Committee is including at least some funding for the Gateway Project in the next fiscal year. There is a total $2.5 billion in the spending package approved last week slated to go toward railroad projects, some of which can be used as part of Gateway.

The House version of the spending bill also includes the money.

Gateway includes a new tunnel to double train capacity under the Hudson River, helping out the current tunnels that are over a century old.

The two chambers will have to come together and hammer out a final version that goes to President Trump's desk.

The president, however, has in the past threatened to veto any spending deal if it included money for Gateway, potentially leading to a government shutdown.

It may be enough money to get the project off the ground, but it will still need a lot more - planners have pegged the total price tag at around $30 billion.