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What To Expect For Deals On Amazon Prime Day

July 10, 2018 - 3:25 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Next Monday, July 16, Amazon will hold its fourth annual Prime Day – in which it promises to put more than a million items on sale.

But are they items people are looking for?

USA Today tech reporter Elizabeth Weise told WCBS 880’s Michael Wallace that Amazon Prime Day is like any other sale – and it might be best to compare it to Black Friday.

“You walk into a store, and you know there’s going to be some things that are going to be really great deals, but you know that there’s a lot that won’t be on sale at all, and some things, which, perhaps the prices – although they say they’re sale prices – really aren’t much better than they were a few months before that,” she said.

Weise talked with experts at four companies that track pricing both from Amazon’s own items and from third-party sellers using Amazon.

“What they said was the most consistent patterns they have seen in the previous three Prime Day sales were that anything you buy using Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant – smart speakers where you talk to Echo and order – those are likely to have some of the best deals, and that’s because Amazon is trying to get people to buy things on Alexa, because people love Echo, and lots of people are buying it, but many fewer of them are using it to purchase things on Amazon, which of course is what Amazon wants them to be doing,” she said.

For those who might not have Alexa or a speaker and are just going online, numerous other Amazon electronics are on sale.

“The Amazon Kindle, of course the Echo, the FireTV, the Fire tablets – all of Amazon’s own electronics are sure to have great deals on them – again, Amazon’s trying to get them into your hands and kind of; it’s all about creating an Amazon ecosystem that you will then go and have it and never leave,” Weise said.

Amazon also has nearly 80 private-label brands on its website where sales are expected, including clothing brands and a garden furniture line going under the name of Rivet.

“Amazon contracts with someone else to make them, but they sell them in a specific area of the Amazon site. And because Amazon makes them themselves, it can give deep discounts on those,” Weise said, “so those are also likely to be pretty heavily discounted.”

Some deals are also expected at Whole Foods, Weise said, noting that only 20 percent of Amazon Prime customers shop at Whole Foods and the company wants to increase that figure.