NJ Hospital Accused Of Keeping Patient On Life Support To Boost Survival Rate

Mack Rosenberg
October 09, 2019 - 3:14 pm



NEWARK (WCBS 880) — A Newark hospital is under investigation for allegedly keeping a transplant patient on life support to meet a quota for transplant survival rates.

Taccara Beale tells WCBS 880’s Mack Rosenberg that she hasn’t spoken to her father in over a year. Darryl Young went to Newark Beth Israel Medical Center to have a heart transplant in September 2018, but has yet to wake up.

“I kind of felt that something wasn't right within, I would want to say maybe the first week that my dad didn't wake up,” Beale said.

Since his surgery, Young has been kept alive by life support, but Beale claims his medical team was never honest about how her father was recovering. Instead, they told her it was normal for him to not be regaining consciousness.

"No one was coming forward saying you know, 'We want to sit down with you guys and talk to you about what's going on with his condition,'" Beale said.

According to an investigation by ProPublica, six other patients who had heart transplants at the hospital in 2018 died before reaching their 1-year mark post-operation. Young was patient 7, according to reporter Caroline Chen.

“They were keeping him on life support without really consulting with his family or giving them options like hospice care,” Chen says.

Beth Israel is now under federal investigation by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which notes it “takes allegations of abuse and mistreatment seriously.”

Chen adds there have been no disciplinary actions taken against Young's medical team as of yet, and the same doctors continue to care for him.

In a statement, the hospital responded to the allegations in part saying it has retained a leading transplant consulting firm focused on clinical analysis and improving patient care.