NJ Terminally Ill Patients Allowed To End Their Lives Under 'Right To Die' Law

August 01, 2019 - 9:09 am

TRENTON, N. J. (WCBS 880) -- The law in New Jersey now allows for terminally ill patients to decide when it’s time to die.

Under the "Right to die" law, they are now able to request a prescription for medication to end their lives.

New Jersey becomes the eighth state to pass this law.

Susan Boyce of Rumson has been trying to get her bill passed for eight years. Her lungs are slowly shutting down and her immune system is growing weaker.

She testified at legislative hearings that patients and their doctors should be trusted to make this ultimate decision, saying that “it does a lot to counteract the fear and uncertainty about what the end is going to be like."

The American Medical Association, the Medical Society of New Jersey, and many religious leaders are opposed to the law. 

Starting Thursday, New Jersey patients who are diagnosed with less than six months to live can begin the process of dying on their own terms if at least two physicians verify the diagnosis. The request has to be made twice orally and once in writing.