No Outdoor Grill? Try These Memorial Day BBQ Dishes You Can Make Indoors

May 25, 2018 - 5:27 pm

By Crystal Hessong

While Memorial Day may be the unofficial start to summer, rain can still pour on your celebration. Don't let a little cloudy weather ruin your holiday plans. This Memorial Day weekend, get grilling indoors with several easy-to-prepare recipes that don't require an outdoor grill.

Use an Indoor Grill Pan or Electric Grill
While you won't get a smoky flavor, you'll still get the distinctive, flavorful grill marks on your food from indoor grilling. Indoor electric grills have a pair of plates that cook both sides of your food at the same time. Grill pans are basic skillets designed to create grill marks. Both allow you to cook all your barbecue favorites indoors, so you can enjoy your holiday regardless of the weather. Never use an outdoor grill inside, though. These create odorless carbon monoxide to build up.

Grilled Vegetables
Grilling vegetables couldn't be easier. Choose your favorite options and cut them into even pieces. (Mismatched pieces will not cook evenly.) Preheat your electric grill or grill pan. Toss the vegetable pieces with olive oil, season to taste, thread onto skewers – if desired - and grill until cooked through. Dense vegetables such as sweet potatoes and potatoes take longer than peppers or mushrooms. For thinner vegetables, check them after three minutes. Wait five minutes before checking denser vegetables. If using a standard grill pan and not an electric grill, flip the vegetables halfway through cooking.

Good seasonings for vegetables can be as simple as salt and pepper. Parmesan cheese, garlic or onion powder, and Italian herb mixes make great additions to grilled vegetables. You can even find premixed seasonings specifically for vegetables.

No cookout would be complete without hamburgers. You don't have to just stick to beef, either. Try exotic meats such as ostrich or buffalo, which are leaner choices that don't sacrifice flavor. Turkey burgers or veggie burgers are good alternatives for those who eschew beef.

When preparing beef hamburgers, choose ground meat with no less than 15 percent fat. This will keep the burgers juicy. Mix your seasonings into the ground beef before forming the patties; they'll have more flavor throughout. For cheeseburgers, mix cubes of cheddar cheese into the meat.

Grill the patties in a hot grill pan until they register 160 degrees Fahrenheit in the center with a meat thermometer. Let them sit for five minutes before serving, then verify the temperature has risen to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit for well-done. Cooking hamburger meat thoroughly prevents the scourge of many cookouts: food poisoning. Cook alternative burgers to the same internal temperature for safety.

Grilled Fish
Grilling fish steaks is a tasty way to get a meaty flavor without eating beef. Marinate salmon or tuna steaks in your favorite marinade. Cook in a hot grill pan, turning every three to four minutes until cooked through. It can take up to 10 minutes per inch of thickness for a salmon steak, so be patient. If the fish has skin on it, put it on the grill skin-side down to keep the skin from curling the fish. Any fish you cook should be flaky and 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Try teriyaki sauce or Italian dressing for an easy fish steak marinade. If you have problems with skinless salmon sticking to the grill, wrap it in well-oiled foil that has holes poked into it. The holes allow for proper air flow to keep the fish from steaming while the foil protects the fish from sticking.

Try these easy indoor grilling recipes if your outdoor plans get thwarted by the rain. But even if you get a day in the sun, these recipes easily convert to outdoor grilling. Your unofficial start to summer can be a great one, rain or shine.