Long Island cesspool

Sophia Hall/WCBS 880

Firefighters Rescue LI Woman Trapped In Cesspool For Hours

July 25, 2019 - 3:36 pm

NORTH BABYLON, N.Y. (WCBS 880) -- A 77-year-old woman who was trapped in waste for hours after falling into a cesspool outside her Long Island home is expected to recover.

Joan Biancardi went into the backyard of her North Babylon house and fell into the cesspool after the cover gave way when she stepped on it.

She was stuck there for at least two hours before her husband found her holding on for dear life.

"As I'm going out I hear her yell out, 'Mike, I'm down the hole!' And I look and there she is down in the cesspool," her husband, Mike Biancardi, told WCBS 880's Sophia Hall. "She went all the way down where she could've drowned. She was submerged in the waste down there and she grabbed onto the sides and forced herself up and she got her head out of the water. She was there for maybe two or three hours before I found her."

He immediately called 911. 

It took another hour for firefighters to get her out, using a makeshift pulley system.

She suffered a broken leg and black eye. 

Biancardi said thankfully his wife of 30 years is a strong woman and he hopes she will be home soon.

"You would never think anything happened to her when you see her. That's the way she is, she's a fighter," Biancardi said. "I just wish I could take the pain away."