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NY Archdiocese Looks To Expand Eligibility For Clergy Compensation

January 06, 2019 - 6:27 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- The New York Archdiocese is looking at expanding who might be eligible for clergy abuse compensation. 

As of today, only those abused at the hands of clergy ordained in the diocese were eligible to apply for compensation under the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation programs, but an expansion could be coming.

“We heard from enough during the first two phases of the IRCP program that we realize there could well be a pressing need for this,” New York Archdiocese spokesman Joseph Zwilling said.

Zwilling says they’re in talks with several other religious orders, including the Jesuits, Dominicans and Franciscans to include clergy not ordained in the diocese as well.

“Cardinal Dolan has required that we take a very careful look at this,” Zwilling said. “That we discuss it with the heads of the religious orders and see if there is some way that we’d be able to expand the IRCP.”

Zwilling says those discussions have been ongoing for the past few months, so an answer should be coming soon.

So far five independent IRCPs have given out $207 million to abuse victims across New York State.