Ousted Emergency Management Head Holds No Grudges Towards Mayor

December 05, 2018 - 12:49 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — The city’s ousted emergency management chief insisted Wednesday that he holds no grudges against Mayor Bill de Blasio after his firing.

“I’m hired by the mayor, four and a half years ago, he blessed me with this job. He could take it away when he feels I’m not doing it,” Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Esposito said.

He made his comments to WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond as he spent his morning handing out coats to the needy in Harlem.

“I love this job, I enjoy helping the people of the city,” he insisted.

Mayor de Blasio said Tuesday that the decision to fire Esposito was made two weeks before a Nov. 15 snowstorm left the Tri-State area paralyzed.

On Friday, during a report on the agency’s response to the storm, Deputy Mayor Laura Anglin reportedly ripped into Esposito about the city’s unpreparedness and fired him.

When Esposito returned to work on Monday, City Hall was thrown into confusion, unsure if Esposito would remain in his post.

“I don’t feel my conduct was 100 percent on the money on Friday. I apologize,” Esposito said. “I’m an Italian kid from Brooklyn, I talk with my hands, I get a little bit wild sometimes and I want to apologize to her publicly.”

He will remain in his post until a new commissioner can be found.

“Hopefully they don’t find somebody for another three years to replace me and I’m still here three years from now,” Esposito joked.

Esposito has been in city government for nearly 50 years and if hopeful that they will find another position for him in the de Blasio administration.