Energy Efficiency Program: Ways to Save on Your Residential Electric Bill

Audio: ComEd Energy Doctor Michelle Ackman Part 4

August 09, 2019 - 6:50 pm

While there are many ways for commercial real estate and small businesses to save on their energy bill, residential customers can reap similar benefits following an energy assessment. Offers are available to participate in energy efficiency programs, which include receiving incentives and tips to reduce costs.

There are a wide variety of rebates and discounts available to residential customers, as well as some energy efficient appliances to help reduce the energy costs to your home. Home owners and renters can effortlessly make the following upgrades to help lower their electric bill:

Heating and cooling equipment
Air, ceiling and attic insulation
• Pool pump

ComEd Energy Doctor Michelle Ackman discusses how residential customers are reducing their energy use and saving on their electric bill. As new technology becomes available to help improve energy efficiency, professionals will always know what is available and be ready to explain how to implement any upgrades to your home.

Energy Efficiency Program: Ways to Save on Your Company Electric Bill - ComEd Energy Doctor Michelle Ackman Part 3

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