Scaramucci: Ex-White House Staffers Told Me They’re Considering ‘Coming Out’ Against Trump

Eldis Sula
August 13, 2019 - 8:23 pm

Anthony Scaramucci continued railing against Donald Trump, claiming that former White House cabinet members told him on Monday that they are considering coming out against the president.

Scaramucci made the claim on the 50th episode of his RADIO.COM podcast, “Mooch and the Mrs.,” one day after saying the president has gone “off the rails” in a CNN interview on Monday.

On his podcast, the former White House Communications Director said that ex-White House staffers reached out to him after the CNN segment aired.

“Several former cabinet members that I spoke to last night after the Anderson Cooper interview, they were like, ‘A hundred percent with you.’ They’re just trying to figure out if they’re going to come out or not,” he said on Tuesday.

On the podcast episode, Scaramucci also said that while Twitter missives from the president were initially jarring, he now sees them as “a badge of honor.”

“Some of us who have worked for him who have taken incoming [shots] like this,” he said, “we now think it’s a badge of honor. In the beginning it was a little unsettling for some of the people.”

Scaramucci also spoke out against the polarized political climate under the administration, referring to Trump as a “demagogue.”

“The fear basis that he’s creating, that’s part of the design of a demagogue,” he said.

For all his criticism, Scaramucci said he doesn’t want to be considered a “Never Trumper.” He even went so far to say that he wasn’t ruling out voting for Trump in the next election.

“Will I definitely not vote for Trump? I didn’t say that,” Scaramucci said. “I got to vote for somebody. I’m going to vote, as I’ve always voted in these elections, for the lesser of two evils.”

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