Why the Golden Gate Bridge Is Making an Eerie ‘Singing’ Noise

Johnny Lopez
June 06, 2020 - 3:41 pm

    For some San Francisco residents, driving over the Golden Gate Bridge is music to their ears.

    On Friday, many people reported hearing “eerie” sounds coming from the iconic suspension bridge and shared videos of the humming noise on social media. 

    “The Golden Gate Bridge now makes music. You can hear this whistle all over the city,” wrote one Twitter user.

    While another said it was straight out of the Upside Down by adding: “So the Golden Gate Bridge now produces underbelly rumbling sounds, akin to Stranger Things or a David Lynch project.”

    But residents need not worry about aliens or ghosts, turns out it has to do with science.

    The “music” is a result of new high-tech slats that were recently installed. The sound is produced as the wind makes its way through them.

    "Sorry this is happening," tweeted the City and County of San Francisco. "The Golden Gate Bridge Sargent reports the low humming noise is related to high winds blowing through the newly installed railing slats along the bike path on the bridge."

    Fans of the newly symphonic bridge may get some repeat performances as the National Weather Service reported gusts of 45-60 mph for both Marin and San Francisco County.

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