News Talk 830 WCCO Debunks Social Media Rumors Around Protests

May 31, 2020 - 4:49 pm

    Several rumors have been announced that the Minnesota National Guard will be using different tactics to help maintain control and order in Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs. The Minnesota National Guard has been quick to shut down these rumors via their Twitter account. 

    One of the first rumors to surface was that cell towers will be shut down to stop communication between protestors. Below is the response from the National Guard.

    Another rumor that was debunked, was that the video which depicted nonlethal shots being fired at civilians standing on their porch after curfew was done by members of the Nation Guard. This in fact was not the case, as no members of the National Guard were present.

    Other rumors have surfaced claiming that tanks will be brought into the city. The National Guard tweeted photos explaining that tanks will not be in the city but a variety of different tactical vehicles will be used.

    As more develops out of Minneapolis the Minnesota National Guard continues to be on top of rumors that could be misleading.

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