Report: Use Of Explosives Possible To Take Down Section Of Old Tappan Zee Bridge

December 07, 2018 - 9:03 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- The rusting remnants of the Tappan Zee Bridge may come down with a bang after all.

A decision is expected within days or weeks about how to bring down a damaged section of the old bridge, and explosives are reportedly being considered to finish the job.

The center span of the old Tappan Zee is long gone, what's left are the two steel towers on either side.

So, like a giant erector set, iron workers have been dismantling the structure piece by piece, WCBS 880's Sean Adams reports.

However, back in September there was a popping sound from a stressed joint on the eastern tower and there was a concern that the old bridge might topple and hit the new twin spans.

The Wall Street Journal reports federal agencies are now reviewing a proposal to use explosives -- a controlled demolition of the structure on the Westchester side.

But non-profit environmental organization Riverkeeper is worried about aquatic life -- especially two endangered species of sturgeon.

Paul Galet with Riverkeeper tells Adams there will be no action until the state absolutely proves there is no other way to take down the bridge.

The WSJ reports the review might happen quickly since winter is the perfect time: that's when the sturgeon migrate.