Riders Alliance Calls On Cuomo To Find A Way To Fund The MTA

January 14, 2019 - 3:25 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — There’s a last minute push to get Gov. Andrew Cuomo to add congestion pricing to his executive budget in order to fix the MTA.

On Monday, the Riders Alliance gathered at the Canal Street subway station to denounce the MTA’s performance over the last year.

“During 2018, 92 percent of morning rush hours were marred by signal problems that delayed commuters on their way to work,” said Danny Pearlstein of the Riders Alliance.

The signal system is decades old and replacing it will cost billions. Though, Pearlstein believes congestion pricing would help cover a good chunk of the needed revenues.

Another proposed funding plan is the millionaire’s tax, which would increase taxes on the city’s wealthiest residents and businesses.

It remains unclear which route the governor plans to take but, it is expected that Cuomo will make his case for total control of the MTA.

Pearlstein notes, however, that Cuomo is already in charge.

“The governor is accountable for running the transit system,” he said. “There may be opportunities to further enhance his accountability and make it even clearer to riders who to point the finger at, but right now, riders should be confident pointing the finger at the governor, and saying, ‘fix the subway.’”