Ronan Farrow's Podcast Offers Behind-The-Scenes Look At Bombshell Reporting

Kevin Rincon
November 25, 2019 - 1:54 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Ronan Farrow’s explosive book, “Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators,” will soon come to life in the form of a podcast.

On Tuesday, RADIO.Com’s Pineapple Street Studios will launch the original podcast, which will serve as an audio companion to Farrow’s book.

The book and the podcast will give Farrow the opportunity to provide a behind the scenes look into his reporting on Harvey Weinstein and the women who came forward against him.

Speaking with WCBS 880’s Kevin Rincon, Farrow explains that the podcast will be able to shed new light on the stories from his book.

“It was always really clear as I was doing this reporting that, A. The hours and hours of audio that went into the recording should see the light of day in some form, because it is so powerful and it is capable of transporting people into the midst of these events that I think we can all learn so much from,” Farrow said. “And B. That the sources who made the reporting possible were so compelling and so colorful but also so brave in many cases and put so much on the line that you know people should get to know them more too and the podcast really does both of those things.”

The podcast will also provide more context about the powerful systems that sought to cover up the sexual misconduct, detailed in “Catch and Kill.”

He explains, specifically, how before the New Yorker published his work, he was rejected by NBC, which he said attempted to conceal the story instead.

“The media for years refuse to run a lot of important stories about a lot of powerful people and both the book and now the podcast document one of the reasons for why that is and how people get hurt when the truth get buried,” Farrow said.

In a preview of the podcast, he explains: “In the second episode of the podcast, you'll get to meet Rich McHugh, my producer at NBC who witnessed the shutdown of the story there. You know, executives there, according to Harvey Weinstein, made a deal with him to kill the story and we explore all of that in the podcast and you can hear the audio of Rich and I discussing the killing of the story as it was happening, reeling at each shocking turn as this thing got killed.”

Farrow will bring in private investigators, whistleblowers, victims, journalists and more to show the work that went into exposing the truth, as well as the courage of the people who risked everything to delve into the case.

Of the podcast and NBC’s alleged shutdown of his story, he says he hopes “people will learn from that and it will be an instrument for preventing it from happening at other news networks.”