School Zone Speed Camera Protest Ends In Arrests Outside Cuomo's Office

June 22, 2018 - 9:51 am

NW YORK (WCBS 880) -- A dramatic push for speed cameras in school zones led to arrests outside of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office Thursday evening.

The protest came a day after the state Legislature ended its 2018 session without taking action on the popular legislation, meaning the 140 speed cameras currently in school zones across the city will go dark.

About a dozen demonstrators, holding signs reading "Children are going to die," gathered in front of the governor's office on Third Avenue, demanding Cuomo, who backs the bill, to use his political muscle to save the cameras.

"These are losses to our entire community, to our families, but to this entire city. We lose so much by not bringing down speeding, by not changing the culture of reckless driving. And we must. And the governor has to step in," said protester Mary Beth Kelly, whose husband was killed by a speeding driver 12 years ago. 

"The governor is the man who has the power to make this happen and protect our kids," said Paul Steely White with Transportation Alternatives.

Nine protesters were led away in plastic handcuffs after they took their signs from the sidewalk into the street, blocking traffic on Third Avenue.

Many of those arrested had loved ones killed by speeding drivers.