Schumer On Gun Control: ‘There Is A New Hope’

November 11, 2018 - 4:50 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- In the wake of the most recent mass shooting at a California bar, and now that the Democrats are set to control the House, Sen. Chuck Schumer says there’s a better chance something might get done on gun control.

So far in 2018, there have been 307 U.S. mass shootings – defined as a shooting when at least four people are shot.

One survey finds 95 percent of Americans want some kind of gun control, or at the very least universal background checks.

“There is new hope with a new Congress that we can pass some good laws for gun safety,” Schumer said at a press conference Sunday.

If the Democratic House can pass something, GOP senators on the fence may now be persuaded.

What would be first? An expansion of mandatory background checks, Schumer says.

“If you’re a law-abiding citizen, you get the gun. If you’re a felon; if you’re a spousal abuser; if you’re adjudicated mentally ill, you don’t.”

The National Rifle Association disagrees. It argues that there are enough laws on the books and that an expansion of background checks would raise the price of guns, which would discriminate against poor people.

Nevertheless, Schumer hopes GOP representatives can be persuaded.

“A whole bunch of Republican senators have said to me, ‘Look, it’s very difficult for me to vote for even universal background checks,’” Schumer said. “They can’t say that anymore because the House will pass it.”