Scientists Say They've Identified Specific Examples Of Human-Caused Climate Change

July 20, 2018 - 4:26 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Scientists who study climate say humans are causing climate change and pushing seasonal temperatures out of balance.

Bloomberg’s Eric Roston told WCBS 880’s Kevin Rincon that while scientists have been saying climate change is real for decades, the latest research identifies specific examples.

“They’re able to get much more specific about how the world is changing, and how human activity is influencing it, whereas 20 or 25 years ago, the question was, ‘Are we changing the whole world at all?’ – the answer being yes – now, they’re getting into much more nuanced attribution of human activity to changes in seasonal weather patterns,” Roston said.

Scientists have noted that summers are heating much more quickly than winters in the part of the atmosphere above where people live.

“The way they do these studies – the way the know that humans are behind it – is they understand the physics of the earth well enough to know that, well, if the sun changes, this will happen. And if there are more volcanoes, this will happen. And if there’s an enormous pulse of carbon dioxide into the air, this will happen,” Roston said. “And what they find as they go data set after data set is the latter seems to be the case.”

While many still deny that climate change is real, Roston noted that the team that made the latest discoveries is “very prominent and very battle-tested.”

“One interesting thing about the paper is that they very suddenly call out critics who are not published in peer-review or professional journals, but are esteemed scientists. But their biggest public appearances are usually at Republican-controlled climate hearings, and, you know, congressional hearings are not peer-reviewed. They’re professional – it’s just a different profession,” he said.

The scientists who made the latest discoveries would say they have built a 25- or 30-year record of primary research based on empirical data, while statements to the contrary are unsupportable and rooted in political division.

“That’s not to say that one party always gets it right and one party always gets it wrong,” Roston said. “A good rule of thumb is that all parties get it wrong, and that primary research published in professional journals is where to go to get the most pure story.”