Rain NYC

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Severe Storms Slam Tri-State As Memorial Day Travelers Hit The Road

May 23, 2019 - 5:48 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Severe thunderstorms slammed the Tri-State areas at the beginning of Thursday’s evening commute, bringing gusty winds and soaking rain.

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Showers had loomed over New York City throughout the day before conditions worsened just before 4 p.m. as travelers began to hit the road for Memorial Day weekend.

As WCBS 880’s chief meteorologist Craig Allen predicted, the storm was fast-moving and was over as quickly as it began.

Still, in the midst of the powerful downpour, lightning struck the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan and drenched roadways, creating a mess on the roadways.

“Heavy rain is the biggest threat. Flooding rain in a very short period of time. Some winds are gusting 35, 40 miles per hour and there’s some indication that there could be small hail associated with these storms,” Allen said. “But again, they are moving very fast and probably won't last more than about 15 to 30 minutes tops in some areas.”

The worst of the storms exited the area just before 6 p.m., leaving behind just a few lingering showers for the remainder of the evening.

Skies should clear up by Friday morning's commute with a high of 74 degrees expected throughout the day, according to Allen.

Travelers coming into the area for Memorial Day can expect pleasant weather for the long weekend with sunshine predicted for the city on Saturday and Sunday.

Temperatures should remain consistent in the low to high 70s until Monday, though there is a possible chance for a late shower or thunderstorm.