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Social Media Rumor Disrupts Business At Mom-And-Pop Ice Cream Shop

June 29, 2018 - 1:48 pm

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. (WCBS 880) -- A social media rumor caused some problems for a small mom-and-pop shop on Long Island.

On Thursday, the Snowflake Ice Cream Shoppe -- a popular spot in Riverhead that serves homemade ice cream-- had some trouble after a Facebook post claimed a customer had been denied service because of their political views. 

Stu Feldschuh, who has owned the store for 30 years, actually had to leave his store for the day to address the negative post, which he said is absolutely not true.

"Everybody is welcome and nobody gets discriminated against. I was horrified," Feldschuh said. "We're all Americans, we're all people. We all eat ice cream. It's crazy. This is a place where people go to sit and relax. It's a throwback to 50 years ago."

Feldschuh commented on Facebook, and the positive response was overwhelming.

"That story is FALSE. We have NEVER, EVER refused to serve someone based on their political views nor religion, color of skin, sexual preference, etc... We love our civil liberties and never deny anyone our delicious ice cream because of differences," the shop posted on Facebook. "Why would anyone want to hurt our business? You all know that we do our best to treat our customers as if they are guests in our home. Thank all of you for your support."

Feldschuh, who said he hardly even knows how to use Facebook, said it's sad how one social media post could ruin a business.

"Like what social media can do to a little old ice cream guy. I'm just cranking and cranking trying to get ready for the July 4th week, and all of a sudden it's disrupting my business," Feldschuh said. "I was shocked at how quickly people jumped on it, it all happened very fast and it all ended very fast which is the state of the world right now."

He said the original post was taken down.

According to the Riverhead News Review, it had been posted by a fourth-hand account and it's not clear where the story originated.