'A Journey To Recovery:' Marc Hoberman, Stephen Hill

Sean Adams/WCBS 880

Stories From Main Street: From Addiction To Recovery And Inspiring Others

August 19, 2018 - 5:00 pm

SUFFERN, N.Y. (WCBS 880) -- This story could have had a terrible ending, but fortunately, it has an inspiring one.

In this week’s edition of “Stories from Main Street,” WCBS 880’s Sean Adams introduces us to a brave young man who battled drugs for a decade and is now speaking to groups about his recovery.

Stephen Hill is careful not to preach. He simply shares his story of addiction.

“Anytime I even say the word ‘D.A.R.E.’ in a high school, you watch students roll their eyes – and then they just completely start tuning you out,” Hill said.

Hill, of Suffern, is 30 years old. He says he’s lucky to be alive after years of drug abuse.

“For me, it started in that transition from middle school to high school,” he said. “I was introduced to marijuana and alcohol by older peers.”

Hill then graduated to opioid pain pills.

“I call it ‘her.’ She was my mistress. She was my lover. She was everything,” Hill said, “because there was no way that I could even see a life without it. You know, I went from taking Vicodin and Percocet by mouth. Then all of a sudden, I was buying a certain amount of OxyContin. I was breaking them up. I was snorting them. And I was using about 900 milligrams a day,” Hill said. “Eighteen to 24, it was just a revolving door of arrests and treatment, and I put myself in some really bad situations.”

Among those situations were dealing, illegal gambling, and violence.

Hill broke his addiction to opioids after a year in treatment. Word of his recovery reached a former teacher – SAT tutor Marc Hoberman.

“Quite honestly, Stephen came to the first SAT lesson stoned,” Hoberman said.

Hoberman encouraged his former student to write.

“I thought there might have been embellishments, because I felt like I was reading a ‘Sopranos’ episode,” he said.

But it was all true. The two worked together and published the book, “A Journey to Recovery.”

'A Journey To Recovery'
Sean Adams/WCBS 880

They also speak to students about addiction and the writing process.

Six years sober, Hill is now in law school.

“It was absolutely therapeutic to write; just to be able to put all that on paper, and to tell my story as openly as I possibly could,” he said.