New York City Subway


Study Suggests Cooling Solutions For Hot Subway Stations

June 22, 2018 - 8:27 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Subway platforms can be unbearable in the summer with temperatures rising into the triple digits on really hot days.

Sauna-like platforms are one of the many annoyances that subway riders endure but they don't have to.

The Regional Plan Association's Save Our Subways study urges the MTA to rethink its subway cooling efforts in an era of climate change by purchasing lighter train cars that use less electricity and reduce friction -- two things that add head to the stations.

"It gets pretty humid down here, it gets bad," said rider Maylean Ramirez, who was sweating in the subway despite cooler temperatures Friday morning. "It's a lot of people who don't have their own cars, so it is something to look at. It is a problem."

"Traveling on the subway in the summer it's super tough," said rider Nick Malluso of the Upper West Side. 

"It's very, very hot, it's brutal. I bring a sweater for work but I leave it in my bag," another said.

The MTA does have climate controlled systems in the new Hudson Yards and Second Avenue subway stations, and pumps chilled air into the 4/5/6 platform at Grand Central Terminal.

The agency said it will review the new recommendations.