New York City Subway


Subway Riders Say MTA Is Lying About Air Conditioning On Trains

July 08, 2018 - 3:47 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- The MTA says it’s working to cut down on hot subway cars, but many riders are finding that hard to believe.

MTA chairman Joe Lota recently told the New York Post that 98 percent of the subway fleet has working air conditioning. Though, after last week’s heat wave, many New Yorkers are saying that’s not true.

“Totally false, I’m afraid,” one rider told WCBS 880’s Steve Burns. “From my experience, unfortunately, I can’t say that’s true.”

As Burns reported, some people weren’t sure if this year’s temperatures were worse, or if they’re just frustrated from dealing with it year after year.

In fact, some riders have even developed strategies to avoid the hot train cars over the years, including moving from car to car or waiting on the platform for another train.

Locals who have been taking the trains for years even cautioned visitors saying if it’s rush hour and a train looks suspiciously empty, it’s most likely because the train’s air conditioning is broken.

“It feels as though you’re just like in a microwave, basically,” one rider said of the train cars. “It’s really tough.”