Suspected Serial Burglar Caught By Police After Getting Stuck Inside Vent

March 20, 2019 - 1:44 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- A suspected serial burglar was caught by Suffolk County Police after getting stuck in an air conditioning vent in a Bay Shore dental office.

Police say Sean Maranzino, 32, of Patchogue, worked as an HVAC specialist and is accused of using venting systems to break into businesses.

He broke into Calderon Dental, located at 1205 Sunrise Highway, through an exposed vent on the roof around 6 a.m. Tuesday, and was discovered hours later around 9:30 a.m. by Heather Hernandez, the office manager, who saw his hand sticking out, according to a police report.

"Been working here for 20  years, so I never thought we'd have a robber here," Hernandez says. "I thought it was the roofer cause we had problems before with the ceiling tiles so I asked the guy, 'Is everyting OK?' He's like, 'Um, did you see a cat? I'm looking for a cat. I think he's stuck in the roof.'"

Suspect caught in vent
Photo courtesy of Suffolk County Police

Emergency Services officers were called in order to extract the 140-pound suspect from the ceiling vent.

"It's funny because I went up there to go see the vent, and it's only 14-inches wide, I don't know how anybody is going to fit through that with their torso," says Dr. Michael Calderon. "My chest cavity wouldn't be able to fit through that so I don't know."

Employees believe he was trying to steal prescription drugs.

Maranzino, who is accused of breaking into four other businesses in the area, has been charged with five counts of third-degree burglary and is expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

"It's a good thing they caught him," Calderon said.