Sweet Spot: A Culinary Tour Of Jackson Heights, Queens

June 15, 2018 - 12:00 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- There is a tremendous diversity of food in one Queens neighborhood and Mike Sugerman gets our taste buds watering in this week's Sweet Spot.

He met up with Max and Maria. They live in Jackson Heights, which is a good thing because they are hungry.

On 37th Avenue, within a four block section around 80th Street, they have their choice of Colombian, Equidoran, Dominican, Chinese, Uraguanian, Peruvian, Bhutanese, Korean and many more.

As Sugerman reported, he counted 21 different cultures cooking in the area.

“People are coming from different countries. And with them they are bringing their language, their religion, and dress. And especially their food," said Borough President Melinda Katz/

Queens has been shown to be one of the most diverse areas on Earth, according to Katz, and on this stretch of road you can just taste it.

Alex Doulaveris at Jackson Gyro says it’s all Greek to him, in a good way. Home cooking? If you’re from Uruguay, like Pablo Rodriguez, there’s no place like La Uraguay.

“This place is amazing. It’s like being in your country. If you miss home, you can come to 37th Avenue," he said.

You just have an idea what you want to eat.

When we last left Maria and Max, they were still trying to figure out where to go.