Maron Salame

Tina Courpas

Stories From Main Street: Teen Archeologist Resurrects Bottle Collecting Club In Greenwich

April 07, 2019 - 4:00 pm

GREENWICH, Conn. (WCBS 880) — One Connecticut teenager might be the youngest archeologist around.

In this week’s Stories from Main Street, WCBS 880’s Sean Adams met 17-year-old Maron Salame, a typical high school student with a unique interest.

“Every person, at least when their child, has this this desire to search for the unknown, this yearning for the unknown and for me that has manifested itself intellectually and through this passion that I have of collecting antique bottles,” Salame said.

The teenager says that he took inspiration from his fascination with pirates and buried treasure as a child.

“I go to historical sites and I actually go digging for antique bottles and glass and I collect them, I catalog them, I do a lot of research on them,” he told Adams.

Salame notes that he has collected over 2,000 bottles over the years and some are over a few centuries old.

“It all started when I went on hikes with my father back in the woods behind my house. So, I used to walk along the old stone walls, the old on plastered stone walls and I used to find all the shards and these little bits of pottery,” he explained. “I got really interested and eventually, after I had been taking this up, I started to actually go looking for them and then that developed into a hobby where I purposely went and I did research and I try to find them.”

He says his favorite spot to go searching for bottles to add to his collection these days is in the Long Island Sound.

“The Long Island Sound it's a great undiscovered kind of trove for so many antique bottles which get preserved in the thick mud,” Salame said.

He probes the mud and listens for pings to tell him he’s hit glass.

“Sometimes it gets waist deep and when you get to that point, a lot of times you have to roll out. Every site is a little different, the thickness and consistency, but I'm usually knee-deep at least, if not waist-deep, the teen said.

When the Greenwich Historical Society finds a bottle they call Salame for his expertise. At just 17-years-old, he’s also writing a book about the antique glass of Greenwich.

His favorite bottle?

“Circa 1850, cobalt blue soda bottle with the name Janey Dearborn,” he says. “It’s absolutely stunning.”

Salame’s love for antique bottles has stretched far beyond a casual hobby, he says he wants to turn his collection into a career.

He’s even gotten others involved by resurrecting the local bottle collecting club.

Salame says: “This is definitely a passion for life.”