Two MTA employees save a woman

Peter Haskell

Two MTA Workers Credited With Saving Life Of Apparently Suicidal Woman

August 08, 2019 - 1:55 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Two MTA workers are being credited with saving the life of an apparently suicidal woman.

Transit worker Tony Mannino was on the Q train platform at Newkirk Plaza when he heard riders screaming.

“I looked over, and she was in the middle of the tracks, clearly in the middle of the tracks,” Mannino said.

A train was coming in so he took off his orange fluorescent vest to warn the operator.

“And I frantically waved across the tracks, which is letting him know that, this, you gotta stop,” he added. 

Motorman Larry Moreno said, “As I’m entering, coming down the downgrade, I saw the vest coming across the tracks.”

Moreno pulled the emergency brake before even seeing the woman.

Then, she came into view.

“And the train is barreling toward her, and she was just watching me, and I was thinking, oh god, please stop the train, stop, stop, stop,” continued Moreno.

The train stopped just two or three feet from her.

She asked Moreno why he didn’t hit her, then walked away.