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Two Towns On Long Island Plan To Cut Taxes In 2019

October 31, 2018 - 1:58 pm

BABYLON, N.Y. (WCBS 880) -- Two towns on Long Island have approved 2019 budgets which include plans to cut residents’ tax bills.

Hempstead Town Board members voted Tuesday night to approve a proposed budget with a 3.5 percent tax cut for residents.

"I'm glad to deliver – I think for the first time in a decade maybe – a budget that cuts taxes for residents in a non-election year," said Town Supervisor Laura Gillan.

Gillian explained that it’s very rare for residents to save money on their taxes in a non-election year.

“In a non-election year, it’s unusual that there’s not a tax hike,” the Democrat said. “Seven out of the last eight non-election year budgets all included tax hikes, and they averaged to over a 5 percent increase in each of those years.”

In the Town of Babylon, residents will also be saving money. The council there approved a proposed budget which called for a 3 percent tax decrease.

Town Councilman Terence McSweeney said he could not recall a time before now when the budget was slashed.

“The big thing last year, we had a AAA bond rating,” McSweeney explained. “The bond rating saves us hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest every year, which in return, we can give back to the tax payers.”

The councilman added that town officials voted on the tax cut in order to help the residents, whom he considers “a big family.”