United Airlines Plane

PA Images/Sipa USA

United Airlines Plane Taken Out Of Service At Newark Airport Over Ants

June 18, 2019 - 10:09 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- A United Airlines jet had to be taken out of service because of ants. 

Passengers on the flight from Venice to Newark spotted the ants crawling all over TV screens, between the seats and on their pillows.

One passenger documented the ordeal in a series of tweets and photos.

"On the plane from Venice to New York when a large, fat ant walks over my pillow. Hmmm. That's odd," Charlotte Burns tweeted. "Minutes later, another fat little bug hurries over the television screen... Then another one—on my arm! These are bold. I start to feel itchy."

Burns said a fellow passenger told her he'd seen a "parade" of six ants in an overhead bin.

A flight attendant armed with a flashlight and damp cloth eventually wiped down Burns' seat and the window, where he spotted another ant.

"The WINDOW? This means the ants are expanding their march. I suspect the lemony cloth hasn't quite been our Excalibur," Burns tweeted.

Ants were also found in an overhead bin and when another passenger pulled down his case Burns said, "ants spill out, running in every which direction."

When Burns got home, she said she wasn't taking any chances and was going to put her luggage in a Zapp Bug Oven.

The airline said the ants were stowaways and probably were stuck in a passenger's bag.